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Hammer & Wolf’s primary goal is applying the experience we have gained in creating and operating 20+ individual escape rooms to helping other local escape rooms open compelling & profitable experiences that their communities will love visiting again & again.
— Lee Wilson

The Hammer & Wolf team builds escape rooms around a story or theme -- rooms that invite players to test their wits against challenging clues, perplexing puzzles, and maddening mysteries that are embedded in the rooms.

Each of our rooms is totally unique & originate in-house. We love the creative process of dreaming about what we could make and then figuring out how to make it reality. We specialize in player-focused room design, aspiring to captivate the imagination and intellect of escape rooms players looking to make memories with their friends, families, and co-workers. 

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Hammer & Wolf approaches immersive entertainment as an opportunity to serve customers by providing escape rooms that offer innovative shared experience and the excitement of discovery.

Everything we do in connection with our escape rooms is crafted to maximize our customer satisfaction with their entertainment and team building experience with us.

At first blush, it may seem odd to conceive of escape rooms as a way of serving the people who live in our communities, but we genuinely believe that the shared experience of a group of people working together, transcending the sum of their parts, while solving an escape room is one of the most positive forms of entertainment anyone can encounter.

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Hammer & Wolf is committed to innovation and experimentation that opens the door for the future of fun & team building.

We love what we do because the work is inspiring. Building a room, crafting a component, designing a layout, sequencing a clue series, decorating a lobby — all these ways of working are deeply satisfying to the team behind Hammer & Wolf.

We want every player to experience the satisfaction that comes with experiencing fresh ideas and innovation, so our team is dedicated to making something new, to making something better. 

These are lofty aspirations, but who wants to work for anything less?

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